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59 Parker Rd, Danville, VT 05828, USA

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GoodFella's is the 'locals' favorite tavern, featuring a Vermont flavored pub-style menu. We have everything from our famous wings to Maple Teriyaki Salmon and more! Next to the VAST trails; this casual restaurant and tavern is where you will see old friends and make new ones. Enjoy our summer deck between stick seasons, or rent our dining room space for your own private party!

Matt Winters
June 08, 2021

Food and service were good. Negative review is for having Newsmax on the bar TV. I'll never give them another nickel. What's wrong with ESPN or something? They also gave me a plate with sweet potato fries, I ate a few, then they bought me one with regular fries and took the sweet potato fries plate to the person who ordered it. Yikes!

Scott Griffin
February 14, 2021

Visited on a Saturday night, seemed like a decent place. We were seated then it went downhill from there. It took 30 minutes for anyone to acknowledge us, ordered drinks, the waitress brought them and kinda slammed them on the table, no big deal. We ordered dinner and an app, waiter 40 mins for the app. A friend went to bar to see what was going on since people that seated after us were receiving their dinners, she was met with attitude. Food came, it was okay, got the check, which had a 20% tip added. A waitress asked if were were ready to pay, we were still talking and looking at the bill, she turned away in a huff. I got up to go warm up the car and a different waitress asked if we were going to pay, thought I was skipping out I guess. At this point the Manager came over and asks if there was a problem. Now we are annoyed we asked why there was a 20 % tip added on a $100 bill. He started asking where we were from, why that mattered I have no idea. The harassment was totally unacceptable, it seemed we were ignored because we were not locals. We paid for the food and tried to leave but the manager who was a mid 20’s male followed us out the door asking where we were from. When I said Connecticut he said it figured and started calling me a flat lander. Whatever, I’ve been called worse. I’ve been snowmobiling in Vermont for 25 years, and have never had an issue but this place certainly did not want us there, it was an uncomfortable experience which ended in insults. I’ll never go back there, nor will I recommend this place to any visitors. They simply do not want our business. Let them try to survive on the few locals. Good luck. The place is poorly run, Food was just Okay, nothing special, nothing to recommend. The place really needs to be restaffed with polite, respectful employees who treat all customers fairly. The manager needs to learn how to lead by example, not be a confrontational fool.

Charles Rogers
May 29, 2021

Lackluster service, and the steak and salmon were both way overdone and dry. The staff acted as if they were super busy despite being at roughly half capacity, and having plenty of servers. Amateur hour all over the place.

Donald Wilson
March 18, 2021

Food and service were excellent. Good size portions. I will dine here again when I am in the area

john smoot
January 02, 2021

Went to Goodfella's for a celebratory luncheon for my sisters birthday. With every intent to make this a special meal for her, it was immediately shattered. Our first impression of this Resturant was nothing short of "this might have been a mistake". Our server only brought one menu to our table of 6. She also didn't retrieve enough menus for everyone, once asked. After our round of appetizers, my family seemed responsible for clearing our dirty plates and asking for drink refills. Although this isn't necessarily the upset to the meal, we were the only table our server had (aside from the "Owner" sitting at the next table from us). Naturally, we would assume that our table could be well kept, but it wasn't. Our family all ordered dinner plates, all over $18 per plate (Shrimp and steak dinner's $28 each and broiled salmons $18 each). The steaks were ordered at Medium Rare and were delivered to the table at well done. When returned to the kitchen because of the hockey puck that was first delivered to us, the server came back about ten minutes later with the second rounds of steak dinners. This time, the steak with returned cooked to a well done temp again. Now, if this was my dinner specifically, I would have not done the respectful thing like my guests did and eat it anyway, it would have been immediately removed from my bill and I would not have been able to eat a $30 steak patty just to please the cook or establishment. It was unacceptable that it would be expected of us customers to fork over (no pun intended) $60 for 2 steaks, no better cooked than a $10 one from Applebees. Fast forward to the end of the meal. We all cleared our own plates, once again and then were presented with the bill. This is the part that really just showed what this business is open for and how they treat the people of our community. Our server, not even kidding, chased us out the door telling us she deserved more money! Asking us "was their something wrong with my service" and that our tip "wasn't enough". I'm unsure of how things may have changed in the industry, but I've worked within the service industry for 10+ years and I have NEVER hustled a table for money. Never. I can understand why a server might feel discouraged because she didn't get the tip she thought she would, but when you aren't doing your job, you can't expect an exceptional tip. The tip she received was at 15%, the average for the State of Vermont and I can confidently say it is considerably more than most people would tip, especially given how awful our experience was, how mediocre the food was in general and how their servers literally hustle you for all the money they could possibly squeeze out of you, literally to the front door. My husband felt so manipulated that he generously handed the waitress and additional $20, just because he didn't have a clue what was going on, and this woman turned to my brother in law and began to argue with him about how much HE was going to give her now!!! Is that how a business with such history for our state, with such loyal customers who travel from all parts of the state on their snowmobiles to go to Goodfella's, should be treated or expected to be treated? I would hope that after the conversation I had with the Owner, who was sitting at the table next to us the entire meal and never once asked us if everything was okay when we had to return two $30 plates or maybe when she over heard our conversations about the whole experience and how it was a disgrace we even spent our money here, that maybe she can reconsider the morals to her company and how they would want to be portrayed to the community and state alike. 5 out of 5 never going back and I would hope you take my review seriously, so you don't waste your time or money on this place, unless of course you work there and know better.

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